It's crazy and delusional before it comes into fruition.    


😧😈 Me n my “Librarian Girl” 🎥

😧😈 Me n my “Librarian Girl” 🎥

Fathers Son

I am my father’s son
I am the only one
I called him on Father’s Day
No answer til I text n then he said “thanks”
I am my fathers son, alright
Doubted Santa when I seen my dad build my bike
I am my fathers son tonight
Wonder where he is n ppl wonder where I been
I am my fathers son today
I’m learning from his o-so-prideful ways
Cuz I am my fathers son most when:
We don’t see eye to eye on somethin

And that’s the end, until we cool again


New World

Doing my best to adjust
Drake said “no new friends”, now there’s no more trust in us
I only hit her up cuz I lust for her
Grabbed her ass a lil bit cuz I want more
old me was way too nice on em (lame)
new me got em thinkn that I’m like’n em (game)
There is one I would prolly give the sun to,
And a son too or a daughter every blue moon
When I have kids they’ll know who Santa clause is
Til about 6 then ima tell it like it really is
So by the time they my age they retiring
And earning everything they want is a requirement
Sometimes I think my soul just old
I was reborn to finally reach my goals
Throw away my old ways, preach a new testament
Bless this old house while I earn my new residence.

'New World'

Survival of the Fit by the Ki.
Produced by Flash Academy
(Happy 4th !)

"Believe me"

U don’t have to believe in anything I say cuz I BELIEVE IN MYSELF. And that’s more than enough belief in this world. Trust me

Soon Ki(d)

The kid in me is getting impatient. He’s a lil bored. But I must get shit done so I don’t feel guilty going out partying/having fun/social living. The kid in me doesn’t care about guilt, he just wants to live. The moment I get over this next hurdle, I’ma reward the kid for a day/wknd. We having fun. Might even download insta on my phone again. Who knows anything, anymore? I know what I want from life. Had to start growing up to get it